Saturday, March 23, 2013

NEW For History Lovers!

Tutor: Russell Greenwood

This all new course will greatly appeal to those with an interest in history and can be adapted for older and younger groups of students.

1.  To help students learn  important understandings about these topics in the classical and prehistoric worlds.
2.  To develop their appreciation and enjoyment of classical art and design for its own sake.
3.  To understand how art and design in the Roman and Greek worlds continues to influence us.

Pottery, stoneware, bronze, coins and jewellery, mostly original but some reproduction, from 10,000 BC to 200 AD
Pictures, stencil blanks, Greek and Roman language resources, maps and charts, internet linked material for self-drive activity at home.

Examining original and repro. samples, focusing especially on Greek and Roman cultures.
Design activities using stencil blanks, Greek and Roman colour range, motifs, styles, etc, - e.g. Greek key, floral ornamentation, Egyptian motifs, etc.
Jeweller design within Greek or Roman traditional use of materials.  Find the Graeco-Roman influences within modern materials and structures.
Technological exploration:  what materials were used, what could they make, how might they have made it?
Function: what would they use the product of art and design for? E.g. religion, rites of passage, domestic activity, theatre, warfare.
Group discussion and research within the above areas. Quizzes, mazes, puzzles.

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